H2C (High School 2 College Initiative)

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H2C (High School 2 College Initiative) by Mind Map: H2C (High School 2 College Initiative)

1. About

1.1. In this page the reader will learn about all of the members of H2C. This page will have a biography about each of the chair board members.

1.1.1. The App Prototype will be used on this page so people can easily access how H2C was started and if it is something that they want to be a part of by knowing information on the people who run H2C.

2. Contact

2.1. This page will have a questionnaire for the user to fill out so they can be directed to the proper person to answer any of their questions.

2.1.1. The Graphic Design and QR Codes will be incorporated into this page so readers can easily access the program's contact information.

3. History

3.1. This page will give background information on how H2C was created and why the group of students at Arizona State University decided to create it.

3.1.1. The Infographics Project will be used to show statistics of students before and after joining H2C. This might be shown through line or bar graph.

4. Stories

4.1. This page will have a short story written by students that are a part of H2C explaining how our program changed their life.

4.1.1. The Video or Animation Project will be incorporated on this page so our students can tell their stories how their education has improved and how their lives have turned around after becoming a part of H2C.

5. Volunteer

5.1. The volunteer page will have a form that the reader can fill out if they want to volunteer with H2C. This page will also show any upcoming volunteer events that H2C is having.

5.1.1. This page will incorporate the program's logo so the viewer can familiarize themselves with it when they look to volunteer with H2C.

6. What We Offer

6.1. This page will show the reader all of the educational and leadership services we offer the high school students that are a part of our program.

6.1.1. I am going to incorporate the Video Project on the home page to show a quick preview how each session is with the students and even some volunteer and community service projects.

7. Home

7.1. The home page will have pictures and quick description on what the non-profit organization is about.

7.1.1. I am going to incorporate the Social Media Project on the home page so the viewer can easily access how to follow H2C on Social Media so they can be updated on any upcoming events.