Structured Settlements

An overview of Structured Settlements. What they are, what the advantages and disadvantages are of structured settlements and links to useful resources.

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Structured Settlements by Mind Map: Structured Settlements

1. What are they?

1.1. Under a structured settlement, you and your family receive a stream of guaranteed payments tailored to your specific needs.

1.2. periodic payments on an agreed schedule

2. Benefits

2.1. over the long term structure settlements offer significantly more return than lump sum payments

2.2. the settlement is very safe as it is funded either by the US Treasury or by an insurance company annuity

2.2.1. The payments come from a financially secure source. Federal law regulates how structured settlements are established.

2.3. structured settlements are tax free

2.3.1. Under current law, structured settlement payments are completely free from federal and state income taxes.

3. Disadvantages

4. Assistance with settlements

5. Who is involved

5.1. Structured Settlement Stakeholder list

6. Directories

6.1. The Structure Settlement Expert Directory

6.2. Best's Directories of Insurance Professionals

6.3. Agent Sourcing Directory - STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT

6.4. National Structured Settlements Trade Association - Public Directory

7. Quotations about structured settlements

7.1. “Structured settlements are a proven way to ensure that families of accident victims live with dignity and economic independence.”

7.1.1. – American Association of People with Disabilities

7.2. “Structured settlements serve the public good by ensuring that victims don’t dissipate their settlements and wind up on public assistance.”

7.2.1. Alan Reich, President, National Organization on Disability

7.3. “[Structured settlements are] a benefit that I and thousands of plaintiff attorneys have recommended as one of the best ways to guarantee financial security and independence.”

7.3.1. Bill Garmer, Esquire Governor, Association of Trial Lawyers of America*