Bridging Success

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Bridging Success by Mind Map: Bridging Success

1. About us

1.1. This page is the description of what it is that Bridging Success does for the students who were previously in foster care.

1.1.1. Social Media

1.1.2. Screencast Presntaion

2. Home

2.1. This is the home page where it introduces the the website. It will have the links for the rest of the pages and pictures of certain events and activities that have passed.

2.1.1. Digital Photo and Editing

2.1.2. App prototype

2.1.3. Video or Aninmations

3. Staff

3.1. This page is to introduce the staff members who help the students, along with mentors to help them along the way. It will also contain their contact information such as an email address and a phone number.

3.1.1. Google Form

3.1.2. Graphic Design and QR codes

4. Registration

4.1. This page will be set up so that incoming students who were in foster care or students who are already at ASU and have not attended the Early Start Program, will be able to register for the 6 day event before school starts in August.

4.1.1. Infographics

5. Financial Help

5.1. This page is to help students who were in foster care apply for scholarships, FASFA, and grants that will be beneficial to the students.

6. Bridging the success for Foster Care Youth.