The Balanced Spogi

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The Balanced Spogi by Mind Map: The Balanced Spogi

1. About

1.1. The About page will provide information about the purpose of this website and background information about me.

1.1.1. Graphic Design and QR code: I will make online ads and include this on them. I will post these ads on social media websites and email them to people as well.

1.1.2. I will make a video that explains what my website is about

1.1.3. I will create an App that is like a blog. It will include some of the post i post on the website

2. Recipes

2.1. The Recipes page will include recipes that encourage people to eat healthy. It will also include recipes for cheat meals and stuff that keep people sane and happy

2.1.1. I will include a lot of infographics of recipes

2.1.2. I will maybe make a video that shows how to make a specific meal

2.1.3. I will make a social media account that post pictures of recipes and exercises

3. Fitness

3.1. The Fitness page will include information on how good exercising is for someone. I will include statistics and examples. The fitness page will include motivational post as well. There will be exercises for people on the go, in the gym, or outside.

3.1.1. I will include a lot of infographics for exercises

3.1.2. I will maybe make an exercise video to show how to do specific exercises.

3.1.3. I will make a social media account that post pictures of recipes and exercises

4. Work-place

4.1. This will give tips on how to find a job that you love. It will also inform people on how to fin the perfect balance between work and their family, social life and everything else they have going on.

4.1.1. I will include google form so people can take surveys to see what jobs best fit their personality type.

5. Relationships

5.1. The relationships page will include how important it is to have healthy relationships in your life. It will give tips on how to be a good friend, lover, and sibling.

5.1.1. I will use google form to ask people surveys about there current relationships so they can have an idea of what type of friend, lover or what position they hold in a relationship.

6. Home Page

6.1. The Home page gives a brief overview of Balance. It will include most important information included. It will have all the newest post and updates on it. It will give people an idea of what my website is like.

6.1.1. logo: I will include it on very page.

6.1.2. Digital Photo Editing. I will include this on every page. My main picture will have this as well as all of the pictures I post.

6.1.3. Screen cast video can be found here

7. Tagline: Eat healthy to stay fit, eat a burger to stay sane.