People who treat Tess badly

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People who treat Tess badly by Mind Map: People who treat Tess badly

1. John, her father

1.1. Foolishly proud of his family name

1.2. Thinks he can sell the title to Alec

1.3. Ignores his daughter's feelings

1.4. Rejects Tess when she is pregnant

1.5. Always drunk

2. Alec D'Urberville

2.1. Intimidates her

2.2. Takes advantage of her

2.2.1. What exactly happened is unclear Was Tess raped? Doesn't want to marry him afterwards Was she seduced?

2.3. Cannot resist Tess

2.3.1. Her beauty

2.3.2. Her innocence

2.4. New node

2.5. The Parson

2.5.1. Refuses to baptize Sorrow Church rules forbid it Afraid of what people will think

2.5.2. Refuses to bury Sorrow in the churchyard

3. Joan, her mother

3.1. Ignores her distrust of Alec

3.2. Seems to hope he will seduce her

3.2.1. "If he doesn't marry her before, he'll marry her after"

3.3. Wants to take advantage of her daughter's beauty

3.4. Hopes Tess will marry a rich man, though she doesn't love him

4. Villagers

4.1. Gossip about her

4.1.1. Conservative

4.1.2. Traditional

4.1.3. Think she should have married Alec

4.2. Isolate her

4.3. Men reject her

5. Angel Clare

5.1. Rejects Tess after her confession

5.2. Has double standards

5.2.1. He had a relationship before marrying Tess Expects her to forgive him Won't forgive her