What is the vision for the MYP - how do we make the MYP come alive?     STUDENT ENGAGEMENT

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What is the vision for the MYP - how do we make the MYP come alive?     STUDENT ENGAGEMENT by Mind Map: What is the vision for the MYP - how do we make the MYP come alive?     STUDENT ENGAGEMENT

1. Assessment

1.1. Authentic assessment drives learning

1.1.1. MYP Coord work with teachers to discuss assessments and next steps Grades 6-8 - min. 3 authentic assessments each year; Grades 9-10 - min. 2 authentic assessments

1.2. Grade 6 + 7 no exams - project week focused on concepts and Global Contexts

1.2.1. MYP Coord work with committee to set up tasks provide opportunities for transfer skills demonstrate subject knowledge some collaboration and some individual work

1.3. Student choice

1.3.1. teachers' use of GRASPS provides possible options for student assessment

2. Other

2.1. STEAM fair

2.1.1. set for April/May

2.1.2. MYP Coord work with Frank, Heather

2.2. Learning spaces

2.2.1. new school classroom set-up discussion on different learning styles students develop awareness of their own learning needs corridor set-up

2.2.2. outside the school?

2.3. Mini - projects - supporting final Personal Project

2.3.1. Parent ''look for learning'' opportunities (e.g. Grade 6)

2.3.2. take ''community project'' structure to use in certain subject areas

2.4. Global link-up with other schools / teachers (e.g. jobs-a-like)

2.5. Additional English support - develop further to support student learning

3. Continue supporting and developing

3.1. IDU

3.1.1. use IDU criteria

3.1.2. students become more aware of transfer across different subject areas

3.2. Unit planning

3.2.1. prep for ''Building Quality Curriculum' - to send off before the end of June'

3.3. Collaborative planning

3.3.1. making time for teachers to meet

3.3.2. giving a focus to the planning

4. ATL Skills

4.1. ATL processes embedded within the learning

4.1.1. Advisory link-in with ATL skills

4.1.2. Service Learning and CAS groups use ATL skills to enable deeper understanding

4.1.3. MYP Coord continue development of ATL support materials

4.1.4. MYP Coord and LLs work to develop school and subject specific articulation

4.1.5. student self-reflection develop language and understanding of meta-cognition

4.1.6. teacher feedback comments on ATL skill

4.2. Use of process journals + on-line journals

4.2.1. use of Seesaw Gr. 7 English/Design

4.2.2. do we look at Weebly / Wordpress? Link with Primary school?

4.3. Student goal setting

4.3.1. how often?

4.3.2. use for 3-way conference

4.3.3. through Maangebac for holistic view

4.3.4. student accountability - following-up on targets

5. Timetable

5.1. Genius hour in the timetable

5.1.1. one-off''s this year + build for next year?

5.1.2. PP time in Grade 10?

5.2. Online course opportunities Grades 9 and 10

5.2.1. becomes part of MYP Graduation requirement?

5.2.2. student choice in courses taken

5.3. More arts choices + flexibility at Grades 9 and 10

5.3.1. options for PE outside of MYP requirement

5.3.2. timetable

5.4. EnSoc idea developed further in Grade 6 (and Grade 7?)

5.4.1. maths+science - more genuinely connected in Grade 6?

5.5. Vertical class groupings for some subjects?

5.5.1. longer-term development?

5.5.2. possible in some subjects more than others?

5.5.3. independent modules?

6. Pedagogy

6.1. Inquiry in the classroom

6.1.1. coaching + feedback - MYP Coord and LL

6.2. Constructivist learning

6.3. Tech integration in teaching and learning

6.4. Classroom set-up

6.5. IB and other PD

6.5.1. seek out and encourage staff to take PD opportunities

6.5.2. support implementation - follow-up on PD sessions

6.5.3. promote IBEN opportunities

7. Student self-efficacy

8. Student wellness