Jayni's Furry Friends

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Jayni's Furry Friends by Mind Map: Jayni's Furry Friends

1. About

1.1. This part of the page will go into detail and explain more in depth about what we do as an organization. This will also show the background and information on the founders of the organization. The main focus of this organization is to provide elders with a friend so that they aren't lonely and sad anymore. Studies show that elders that have contact with animals daily tend to live longer than other elders.

1.1.1. Graphic Design: I will create a flyer to also display in public to let people know more about the organization.

2. Contact

2.1. This part of the page will have contact information on to get a hold of the organization by either email or through phone. There will also be an address as well for people to come by and see the animals.

2.1.1. Google Doc style form: There will be a form that they can fill out if they have any kind of questions about our organization. They will leave their email address if they have one, phone number and name.

3. Home

3.1. This will be a brief overview of the organization and the services that we provide at Michael's Furry Friends. We will get all visitor's attention by showing animals that they can have come spend time with them whenever they need them.

3.1.1. Logo: We will make the logo for Michale's Furry Friends and include it on each page of the website.

3.1.2. Small Video: We will provide a short 2-3 minute video explaining more about us. This video will be updated weekly to show current animals we have received that they can choose as their friend.

3.1.3. Photos: I will use a photo editing app to add pictures of current dogs that we have that people can choose as friends that they can have. These photos will be updated weekly as well.

4. What We Do

4.1. This page of the website will show what our mission is as the organization. There will also be mentioned on how people can help us as well by either donating to the organization or wanting to adopt or foster a animal that we will have.

4.1.1. I will create a graph or different type of document that visitors can use to get in contact with the founder of the organization on how they would like to donate and a link if they would just like to fully adopt an animal instead of having it as a friend.

5. Current Stories

5.1. This is where we will show a current animal that is being a "friend" to someone right now and it will have a testimony type style on how this new friend has basically made the person's life a little bit more fun with them having a new friend.

5.1.1. Flyer style: We will make this part of the website kind of like a bulletin layout to provide a story along with pictures of elders with their furry friends.

6. FAQ'S

6.1. This part of the website will show some questions that we get about our organization frequently asked/popular questions we get about the organization and there will be answers to those questions.

6.1.1. This will be a pretty basic page that will have answers to questions that we get. There will also be an option to ask a questions that isn't already answered which will then connect to the Contact page.