Form and Function

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Form and Function by Mind Map: Form and Function

1. Form

1.1. Solid structure

1.1.1. A structure that is solid all the way through. An example is mountain Another example is a pyramid Another example is a pyramid.

1.2. Frame structure

1.2.1. A structure made of parts that are fastened together. An example is a spider web Another example is a human body.

1.3. Shell structure

1.3.1. A structure that is strong, hollow and light for it's size. An example is eggs. Another example is an igloo.

1.4. Combination structure

1.4.1. A structure containing a mix of solid, shell, and frame structures. An example is a house. Another example is a car.

2. Function

2.1. The purpose of build/making a object or structure

2.1.1. An example is a chair is made to sit on.

2.1.2. Another example is a trampoline is made to jump and have fun on.

3. Force

3.1. Internal force

3.1.1. A force that affects a structure from the inside. Compression A force that presses an object together. Tension A force that stretches an object apart to make it bigger or longer Torsion A force that twists an object. Shear A force that bends an object in opposite directions

3.2. Center of Gravity

3.2.1. The point of which most of the weight on a structure is.

3.3. External forces

3.3.1. Forces applied to a structure from the outside Static loads Effect of gravity acting on a structure. Dynamic loads A force that moves or changes while acting on a structure.

3.4. Application of external forces

3.4.1. Direction If a force on a structure is a push or a pull. An example is a door. Another example is a wheelchair,

3.4.2. Magnitude How strong a force is. An example is strong wind. Another example is little to no wind at all.

3.4.3. Point of application Where the force is applied. Wrecking ball hitting the middle of a wall. Another example is when a wrecking ball is hitting near the top of the wall.

3.4.4. Plane of application The angle of where the force is applied. An example is when soccer player kick the ball at a 90 degree angle. Another example is kicking a ball at a 180 degrees angle.

4. Ways to make a structure stable

4.1. Lowering the center of gravity.

4.2. Giving it a larger support base(Photo is for both ways.)