Characteristics of Absolutism

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Characteristics of Absolutism by Mind Map: Characteristics of Absolutism

1. Embraces the philosophy of the Divine Right of Kings

1.1. Right to rule comes from God

1.1.1. Ruler's authority is unquestioned

1.2. The King is the State

1.3. No constitution, Bill of Rights, or guanantee of personal liberties for people

1.4. The King holds all the power in society and makes all decisions

2. Promotes manufacturing and trade to create a strong economy

2.1. Regulation of the economy is very important

2.2. Espouses mercantilist economic policies

2.3. Taxes from trade

2.3.1. Lavish living

2.3.2. Pay professional army

3. Protects and expands the state

3.1. Professional army

3.2. Frequent wars of expansion

3.3. Steady source of income needed

4. Creates centralized administrative system

4.1. Decreased the power of the nobility

4.2. Creates a new nobility by giving positions in the government to members of the middle class

4.3. Efficient system to collect taxes

5. Dominates cultural life of the state

5.1. Patronizes the arts

5.2. Sets the cultural standard

5.3. Controls the Church