ETCV 530 Multimedia Applications in Education

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ETCV 530 Multimedia Applications in Education by Mind Map: ETCV  530 Multimedia Applications in Education

1. introduction

1.1. Your name

1.2. Your current job

1.3. What you would like to learn from this class

1.4. Something nobody in the class knows about you

1.5. Your favorite quote

1.6. One extra thing not listed here.

2. I'v been thinking

2.1. TeachLive “simulation classroom” Tech-Live is a virtual classroom system that allows teachers to practice teaching skills in a safe environment with avatars students instead of real students, so if teachers made mistakes they don’t confuse anybody.

2.1.1. From your experience as an educator, do you think if teachers go through this experience it will improve their teaching skills and education outcomes eventually?

2.1.2. What other fields/practices do you think simulated classes/programs can make huge success/difference?

3. Encourage creativity videos

3.1. Which of the videos impacted you the most - either positively or negatively Adora’s talk has positively impacted me; she is about 12-year old and speaks as an adult because of her great confidence. She gained this confidence because of her parents’ support; her parents would have discovered her talent in writing very early. As a mother I believe that there is no one better then parents to discover children talents. In addition, teachers can also discover students talents if they spend more time with them. For example, my sister is a teacher in a high school; she usually spends extra time with her students trying to discover and improve their creativity. Now most of her students are talented in different fields, some in technology and programing, some in handcrafts, and some are great speakers. She made several events for them in the school to support them and show others their talents.

3.2. Encouraging Creativity Lesson

3.2.1. Learning Objectives I want to encourage my students’ creativity in making videos. As an instructor my role will be teaching them the tips of making videos by using iMovie, and critique their works to improve them. In addition, I want them to share their videos with other students and then each one of them should comment and critique others’ videos.

4. Encouraging Creativity

4.1. Encouraging Creativity - Description

4.2. Encouraging Creativity Videos forum

4.3. Encouraging Creativity Lesson Idea Dropbox

5. Organizing Understanding

5.1. mindmeister

5.1.1. Tips for Creating the Perfect Discussion Post for your Online Classes

5.1.2. ETCV 530 Multimedia Applications in Education

5.2. Organizing Understanding - Description

5.3. Colleague's Concept Maps

5.4. MindMeister resources

5.5. Organizing Understanding URL forum

6. Expressing Information

6.1. Expressing Information - Description

6.2. Expressing Information Infographic

6.2.1. Videos in Classrooms

6.3. Expressing Information Reflection Dropbox

6.3.1. what tool you used

6.3.2. what you thought of the process

6.3.3. how you would use Infographics in your own work

7. Protecting Your Digital Tattoo

7.1. Protecting your Digital Tattoo - Resource Reviews

7.1.1. 1- Five Tips for Keeping Your Personal Information Secure online

7.1.2. 2- The Importance of Digital Citizenship in Social Media

7.1.3. 3- Five Ways to Stop Bullying and Move into Action

7.2. Protecting your Digital Tattoo - Policies

7.2.1. Netiquette Policy For students For faculty

8. Your Digital Toolbox

8.1. Creating Your Toolbox - Description

8.2. Digital Toolbox Dropbox

8.2.1. GoAnimate

8.2.2. Voicethread

8.2.3. Udacity

8.2.4. Delicious

9. Project-Based Learning

9.1. PBL Initial Description Forum

9.2. Project-Based Learning Plan Dropbox

9.2.1. Using new literacies in classrooms: benefits and implications 1. Project Overview 2. Project Teaching and Learning Guide 3. Project Calendar Project resour

9.3. Project-Based Learning Reflection Drop Box

9.3.1. 1. What did you find to be of the most value in this project?

9.3.2. 2. What did you find to be of the least value and how would you change the project to increase the value of this project?

9.3.3. 3. Do you see using PBLs in your own teaching? If so, how?

10. keep current

10.1. Reeder and Feed Forum

10.1.1. Feedly edutopia educatorstechnology freetech4teachers

11. Creativity Revisited

11.1. Creativity Revisited - Description

11.2. Creativity Revisited Dropbox

11.2.1. Meaningful learning Lesson Plan Context . Intended learning outcomes Description of the activity Anticipated challenges - What challenges do you see if you were to take your new plan and try and implement it in your current situation. Rubric assessment References

12. Final Reflection

12.1. Reflecting on the Course

12.2. Dropbox for Final Reflection

12.2.1. What do you feel are the most important concepts and issues you learned in this class?

12.2.2. How have these concepts and issues changed your view of your role as an instructional leader?

12.2.3. How might you expand your understanding of these concepts and issues further?

12.2.4. Do you have any suggestions for improving this class?