Education In Africa By:Emily Knope

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Education In Africa By:Emily Knope by Mind Map: Education In Africa By:Emily Knope

1. With Education

1.1. Jobs

1.1.1. Income Supporting family food Shelter Basic needs Sending others to school Access to health care Access to further education

1.1.2. Career Goals

1.2. Future

1.2.1. Dreams

1.2.2. Goal Setting

1.2.3. Teaching others

2. Without Education

2.1. Poverty

2.1.1. Homelessness

2.1.2. Hunger Health risks Malnutrition

2.1.3. Violence Crime

2.2. Health Care

2.2.1. No Medical help Illness

2.3. Economy

2.3.1. Low income= low economy No funds for health care No funds for education No funds for protection/saftey