Form and Function Summative #1 Mind Map

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Form and Function Summative #1 Mind Map by Mind Map: Form and Function Summative #1 Mind Map

1. Forces

1.1. A push or pull affecting a structure by altering the structures shape, speed or direction.

1.1.1. External Forces Forces not caused by the structure itself. Static load Dynamic load

1.1.2. Internal Forces Forces that act on one part of a structure from the inside of the structure Compression Tension Torsion Shear

2. Structures

2.1. Center Of Gravity

2.1.1. Where most of the weight of the structure is located and where the structure's weight is balanced. Cars

2.2. A Structure is an object that serves a purpose in our everyday lives.

2.2.1. Combination Combination structures have all the different types of structures in it. house Human

2.2.2. Solid Solid structures are structures that are not hollow and are solid. Rocks Bricks

2.2.3. Shell Shell structures are hollow and weigh less. They are also not as dense. Football/Soccer ball Eggs

2.2.4. Frame Frame structures are structures with a "skeleton" to support the weight of a structure and/or other forces. Roller Coaster Skeleton

2.3. How structures are designed

2.3.1. Function The purpose of the structure Boat

2.3.2. Form How a structure is built depending on the function. Boat