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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Summative

1.1. a summative assessment is a major evaluation of students knowledge after they have been taught something.

1.1.1. this is usually at the end of the lesson to basically sum it up, but this helps the student show everything they have learned.

1.1.2. this assessment helps the teacher know how well she taught her lesson and if she made her goal if the students know what they are suppose to know.

2. NOrm Referenced

2.1. when a students score is compared to a similar group of students who have taken a comparable assessment.

2.1.1. an example of this is like the SAT or ACT

2.1.2. this helps students become self aware and know the goal or score they are suppose to reach.

2.1.3. this doesnt really help teachers any but it does help administrators see who is qualified and who isnt, based on their scores.

3. Criteria Referenced

3.1. its an assessment where students are tested on certain criteria.

3.1.1. an example can be a test of just one subject.

3.1.2. this helps the students prepare themselves for the assessment they are about to take.

3.1.3. this assessment helps the teacher by

4. Diagnostic

4.1. is a pre-assessment that provides a teacher with information about students' prior knowledge before beginning with something new.

4.1.1. an example of this can be a little quiz before the students start the lesson.

4.1.2. this helps students prepare themselves for what they are about to learn.

4.1.3. this helps the teachers know what more or what her students know before she teaches the lesson.

5. Formative

5.1. a formative assessment is a small minor evaluation of students knowledge after they have been taught something.

5.1.1. this assessment helps the teachers know what the students need more help on.

5.1.2. an example of this is like homework or a quiz

5.1.3. this helps the students practice what they have just learned and if they dont do very well on it its only a little penalty against them.

6. An assessment is an evaluation of what the students have learned.