Little Picky Eaters

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Little Picky Eaters by Mind Map: Little Picky Eaters

1. About

1.1. The about page will provide information about the website which includes navigation and the reason behind the websites existence.

1.1.1. Logo: constant reminder to the visitor

2. Recipes

2.1. The recipes page will have mini recipes for snacks and light meals that children would enjoy. It is there to provide parents with a list of ways to make otherwise non appealing food yummy.

2.1.1. The infographics will be here in the form of recipes.

2.1.2. Logo: constant reminder to the visitor

3. Tips and Tricks

3.1. This tab will give parents/caregivers tips on how to help a picky eater try and eat their food. This will include step by steps and possible scenarios.

3.1.1. Video Project: I will show videos of parents using the suggested tips and tricks on picky eaters to present the effectiveness of it,

3.1.2. Logo: constant reminder to the visitor

4. Ask Adrianna

4.1. This tab will have a "Dear Abby" feel to it. Instead of asking Abby, the website visitor can ask Adrianna. If there is any question that cannnot be answered by the content already provided on the website, they can ask in this tab and get a more personal response.

4.1.1. Logo: constant reminder to the visitor

4.1.2. Google Form: This will allow the visitor to send me questions and their information to which I will reply back my responses.

5. Home

5.1. The home page will attract the viewer. It will have bits of interesting information that will lead the visitor to explore more.

5.1.1. Logo: the logo will be placed in the homepage as well as the rest of my tabs.

6. Tagline: Helping parents win the battle against the picky eaters