WHITE: In Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

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WHITE: In Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison by Mind Map: WHITE: In Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

1. Problems

1.1. He is seen in the black community because he is extraordinary

1.2. He begins to feel that he betrays his grandfather because of his need to be accepted by his own community.

1.3. He finds Identity is irrelevant when he is mistaken for a number runner, pimp and preacher

2. Ideas

2.1. 1) Invisibility; home; escape

2.2. 2)Ice cream; submergence of thought

2.3. 3) white people

2.4. 4) Clarity; Categorizing

2.5. 5)Purity of complexion/race

2.6. 6) Obeying orders; guilt; order/placement

2.7. 7)Upper class, elite group of people

2.8. 8) Blinded by Whiteness

2.9. 9) Blinded; suspension'

2.10. 10) Tensity, emotion

2.11. 11)Service, work

2.12. 12) Traditon; oppression; freedom

2.13. 13)Treasure

2.14. 14) Scent Memory

2.15. 15) Purity; social constructs

2.16. 16)sterilization

2.17. 17) Aging; esteem

2.18. 18) White Society

2.19. 19) Pattern

2.20. 20)Caliber; status

3. Action Points

3.1. He descends into a hole

3.2. Attends college

3.3. Is removed from college

3.4. Gets a job

3.5. Is shaved of his identity during a paint explosion

3.6. Becomes multiple people

3.7. Decides that identity is not important but that he needs more in life

3.8. Discovers a white community of acceptance where he plays the vocal puppet

3.9. Discovers a black stabilized home that pushes him to do more

3.10. breaks from the brotherhood

3.11. Incites a riot

3.12. Ascends into his hole of invisibility

4. Goals

4.1. To Become Invisible

4.2. To please his grandfather

4.3. To Achieve Acceptance from blacks

4.4. To fit in regardless of white thought

4.5. To find an identity