Are We Addicted to Technology?

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Are We Addicted to Technology? by Mind Map: Are We Addicted to Technology?

1. Amber Case’s Ted Talk really made me realize that I’m a Cyborg. In fact we all live in a world full of cyborgs. In her talk, she even pointed out that we like to maintain a second self over the internet. That’s really true. Even I do this on the internet. Not only have I developed this habit over time I’ve actually started considering this important. Listening to Amber Case has definitely changed my view and I’d definitely try bringing upon same changes to my digital lifestyle.

2. My apprehension of the term addiction is something that we can’t imagine our lives without. In today’s time with a world full of technological advancements I don’t think anybody can deny that we’re addicted to technology. We’re surrounded by technology from the moment we wake up till the time we sleep (when we’re finally done with our mobile phones). I’d definitely agree with the fact that I’m addicted with technology.

3. Addiction to technology can be expressed using a lot of emotions or terms. It can be weird and funny at the same time. There are times I’d go on the internet looking for something and half an hour later I’d end up on something that is completely different from what I was looking for. There was one instance when I was looking for some music video on YouTube and an hour later I was viewing Graham Norton Show interviews. My phone is the first thing I check when I wake up and this very gadget is the reason I’m unable to get a proper 8 hour sleep. And then comes Netflix. Netflix addiction has to be considered as a major issue too. According to Catherine Franssen Netflix addiction comes into place because Cliffhangers activate stress. It is a basic human psychology that we cannot tolerate not knowing and this in a certain way causes sleep disruption. Also it’s hard to be a grownup, because no one is telling us to stop.

4. My Perception

5. Internet Addiction also exists in today’s world. This exists mainly due to people’s reliance on the internet for literally everything. I too like other people rely on the internet for most of the things. Almost 50% people in today’s world rely on social media for breaking news. It’s remarkable how our daily lifestyles have been affected with the introduction of the digital age but although it has made our lives easier, but in a certain way it has even made it a lot more stressful.

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7. Creative Element

8. I tried making an informative mindmeister map for Discussion-2. I found this really nice and unique way to present my thoughts. For this discussion I tried looking up for infographics and comic strips which could be presented in this discussion. Mindmeister seems a really cool tool to express the whole thought process that goes behind in making a map for the course. I really like this tool and that is the reason I used this.

9. A Rather Cheerful View on Addiction

9.1. Games at Workplace

9.2. Addiction of Mobile Phones

9.3. How Times have Changed!

10. Conclusion

11. Technology as we know holds a very important berth in our daily lives. But addiction to technology is a rising issue. While going through the module I even came across something called Internet Addiction Disorder. It comprises of everything we do on the internet such as browsing social networking websites, online gambling or even viewing pornography. We are a generation of Internet Addicts but now we need to start taking much important steps so as to stop our lives from being governed by technology.Here our some steps in which we could improve our tech habits

12. Take Control of Your Tech Habits