Reproduction and Development

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Reproduction and Development by Mind Map: Reproduction and Development

1. 1 - Students are introduced to the five “sub-units” of the Reproduction and Development Unit: asexual reproduction, meiosis, male and female systems, menstrual cycle, and fetal development

2. 3 - Phase on Meiosis 4.1c

2.1. Lab - Identify different stages of Meiosis

2.2. Meiosis Worksheet Homework

3. 2 - Asexual Reproduction 4.1b

3.1. Identify the types

3.2. Stages

4. 4 - Male and Female systems 4.1a 4.1b 4.1e 4.1f 4.1g 1.1a

4.1. Identify and label male system

4.2. Identify and label female system

4.3. Spermatogenesis VS Oogensis

5. 6 - Menstrual Cycle 4.1f 1.1a

5.1. Students will look up online each part of the reproductive tract throughout the different stages of the menstrual cycle. Fill in worksheet

6. 5 - Fetal development 4.1d 4.1f 4.1g 4.1h 1.1a

6.1. Fetal development Lab - In groups

6.2. Order of fetal development