KOSSEL DELTA How to load firmware?

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KOSSEL DELTA How to load firmware? by Mind Map: KOSSEL DELTA How to load firmware?

1. Load (Repetire) firmware from PC to Arduino Mega controller

1.1. How does project look?

1.2. *.ino file is Arduino project of firmware

1.3. We open it in Arduino IDE.

1.4. Note that project containes many tabs.

1.5. In tools set Mega controler

1.6. In tools set ATmega2560 processor

1.7. In tools set USB port

1.8. "All" our the changes are done in Configuration.h

1.9. Upload firmware

2. Load EEPROM settings if you have them

2.1. In Repetier open EEPROM settings

2.2. IMPORT file you have

2.3. Done

3. Software

3.1. To open firmware project and download it you need Arduino IDE (free) software

3.2. Arduino IDE

3.2.1. LINK