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CMC by Mind Map: CMC

1. Asynchronous Communication

1.1. Advantages

1.1.1. Can be hosted as realtime event or pre-recorded session

1.1.2. Allows many-to-many collobration

1.1.3. Can incorporate various media: video, audio, learning objects, etc... in the learning

1.1.4. Make remote learning possible

1.2. Disadvantages

1.2.1. Difficult to lead whole group into single discussion

1.2.2. No real-time interaction between learners and teacher

1.2.3. No face-to-face communication between teacher and learners

2. Text as a communication medium

2.1. Advantages

2.1.1. Maximum compatibility between devices and platforms

2.1.2. Can be searched easily through search engines

2.1.3. Materials can be achieved with small storage space

2.2. Disadvantages

2.2.1. Not as interactive as it could be

2.2.2. Learners need to have typing skills

3. The facility to impose specific topic headings to structure discussion

3.1. advantages:Words make imposing specific topic headings easier. People can write with thinking at the same time.

3.2. Disadvantages: Comared with traditional face-to-face

4. Permanence of the communication record

4.1. Advantages:Recording the words may be easy than traditional face-to-face method. Some systems even can record words automatically.

4.2. Disadvantages:Some secret words may be recorded without attentions, which may as the provement in some situation.It's dangrous.