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1. The celebration of carnival in river of Janeiro begin the thirteen of February of each year is one of the most famous in the world and have a duration of four days.

1.1. When is it

2. Do they wear Costumes or put up decorations?

3. How are you going to celebrate it next time?

4. They wear costumes different and a very good decoration are: Carnival Costumes land                                                                    He paraded as part of a wing - wing "in Portuguese - with a group of about 200 people dressed in magnificent attire itself. the wings, each with different outfits.                                      Float Carnival Costumes                                                          Samba Schools take 6 to 8 large floats to help tell the story. The floats are one of the biggest attractions of the parade and usually planned, designed and built in secret long until the big day arrived.

5. It the next time have that be to better and with his samba dances common the which is characterized and being is the main events, the parade of the different samba school that competing to be chosen for that year.

6. They celebrate the arrived of the holy week. Because, it mark the last chance to celebrate and make use of special foods before Lent, the people refrain from eating rich foods, recalling the biblical story of the forty days Jesus spent in the desert. Lent used to mark an annual time to turn to God and religious discipline.

7. What does it celebrate and Why?

8. Do they eat any special foods?

9. The people celebrate and enjoy is carnival, the which is characterized by the interaction of water thrown from one person to another to purify the body.

10. How do people celebrate?

11. The Special meals and favorites in river of Janeiro are: The typical dish is the "feijoada" having the basic ingredient of the cuisine of this city, the rice, the judias, the black beans and steak the meat is cooked on the grill, also have the asparagus and mushroom risotto.