Structures and forms

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Structures and forms by Mind Map: Structures and forms

1. Force

1.1. force is how strong structures is

1.1.1. external force external force is a force that is caused by an external object

1.1.2. internal force internal force is a force that is exchanged by many items

1.2. compression

1.2.1. a force that squeezes or presses something together

1.3. tension

1.3.1. a force that stretches apart to expand or lenghten

1.4. shear

1.4.1. a force that pushes in opposite direction

1.5. torsion

1.5.1. a force that twists

2. Form

2.1. Form is something that was created that way or made that way

3. Function

3.1. function is what an object can do. also a house's light switch

4. Load

4.1. Dynamic load

4.1.1. Dynamic load is a load where wind pushes an object and the object is moving with the wind

4.2. external load

4.2.1. external load is the part when the structure is steady

4.3. Live load

4.3.1. live load is a load that is living

4.4. Dead Load

4.4.1. dead load is a load that is dead for example a dead fish...

5. Structure

5.1. Solid structutre

5.1.1. solid structure is the structure where its hard

5.2. Frame structure

5.2.1. frame structure is like a human body's skeleton. frame structure is very fragile.

5.3. Shell structure

5.3.1. shell structure is a structure that is layered into 2 for example a car there is two layers one layer is the inside which is the shell

5.4. combination structure

5.4.1. combination structure is a structure that is combined with all the structure shell, frame, solid. for example a school/house..