A Whole New Mind

Work in progress mind map of key points from the book by Dan Pink.

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A Whole New Mind by Mind Map: A Whole New Mind

1. General Info

1.1. Author: Daniel H. Pink

1.2. ISBN: 1594481717 (paperback)

1.3. Amazon Link

2. Organization

2.1. Part One: The Conceptual Age

2.1.1. Right Brain Rising (1)

2.1.2. Abundance, Asia, and Automation (2)

2.1.3. High Concept, High Touch (3)

2.2. Part Two: The Six Senses

2.2.1. Design (4)

2.2.2. Story (5)

2.2.3. Symphony (6)

2.2.4. Empathy (7)

2.2.5. Play (8)

2.2.6. Meaning (9)

3. Introduction

3.1. Information Age (recent past)

3.1.1. economy built on logic computerlike capabilities

3.1.2. people / mind computer programmers - crank code layers - craft contracts MBAs - crunch numbers well educated manipulator of information and deployer of expertise narrowly reductive / deeply analytical

3.2. Conceptual Age (future)

3.2.1. economy / society built on inventive big-picture capabilities

3.2.2. forces causing change material abundance more emphasis on nonmaterial yearnings globalization white-collar jobs moving overseas technologies eliminating some kinds of work

3.2.3. new thinking / new approach high concept capacity to detect patterns and opportunities create artistic and emotional beauty craft a satisfying narrative combine seemingly unrelated ideas into something new high touch ability to empathize with others understand the subtleties of human interaction find joy in one's self elicit joy in others stretch beyond the quotidian in pursuit of purpose and meaning

3.3. brain

3.3.1. left hemisphere sequential logical analytical (Information Age)

3.3.2. right hemisphere nonlinear intuitive holistic (Conceptual Age)