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High School by Mind Map: High School

1. Studied Industrial Electronics

1.1. Graduated and Joined USMC

1.1.1. Military Occupational Specialty was Communications Cryptographic radio communication Combat radio operator

1.1.2. Traveled to many places around the world Exposed to many places, people, things, and cultures Served to broaden my perspective

1.2. My high school was also a skilled trade center

2. I was a computer nerd

2.1. Always had an interest in all things technical

2.1.1. Computer programming, Math, Electronics, Science, Etc I enjoyed writing computer programs Took things apart to discover how they worked Studied logic and math independently

2.2. Loved science fiction

3. After Military I worked in Law Enforcement/Public Safety for several years

3.1. I enjoyed being of service and helping people

3.1.1. I didn't enjoy heavy pressure to make arrests, write tickets, etc

3.1.2. High Level of Professionalism. USMC experience prepared me for this

3.1.3. Communications Also a Major Aspect of this Work. Computer Aided Dispatch, Radio Communication, Reports, Etc Answered Phones Dispatched Officers Managed access control systems Managed alarm systems Time recording/Leave recording Wrote police reports

4. Started Working in College Admissions

4.1. Helped People and was of service again

4.1.1. Learned Many Aspects of College Business Heavy Emphasis on Data and Communications All aspects of Admissions, Enrollment & Advising

5. Left credit side of college and began working for the Continuing Education Department

5.1. I learned how the other half of the college business works

5.1.1. Hiring Instructors

5.1.2. Putting up classes

5.1.3. Contracts with partners and providers

5.1.4. Again communications and data a huge aspect of responsibilities

5.1.5. Managing staff and resources

6. Attended College

6.1. Earned Associates degree in Computer Information Systems

6.2. Earned Associates degree in Computer Network Management

6.3. Transferred to GSU to complete BS degree

6.3.1. Considering Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Business to tie everything together and further my career aspirations