Improving yourself in dota

Should help understand dota principles for new players, but as well improve skills of players whom playing dota for some time already :) . Point of this Mind mapping is understand Dota concepts and Dota in general at all.

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Improving yourself in dota by Mind Map: Improving yourself in dota

1. Heroes

1.1. Improving with those you already know

1.2. Learning new ones

1.2.1. Understanding the Hero, Key features of hero, Role

2. Training

2.1. Training schedule

2.1.1. Practice games Lobby games Regular participation in local tournaments Games against AI Learning new Strategies, Heroes, Item builds Practicing Last Hits (LH) Practicing denies Public games Ranked games 1000 hours spent at public games

2.2. Reading

2.2.1. Manuals

2.2.2. Guides Made by players

3. Watching videos

3.1. Professional players

3.1.1. Ranked games

3.1.2. Tournaments

3.1.3. Casual games

3.2. Casual players

3.2.1. Casual games

3.2.2. Replays

3.2.3. Ranked games

4. Effectiveness

4.1. K/D Ration

4.1.1. What I´m doing right

4.1.2. What I´m doing wrong

4.2. GPM/EXP Ration

5. Innovation

5.1. New Items/Spells builds

5.2. New things

5.2.1. Failure Understanding of the Failure

5.2.2. Success

5.3. New items to use

5.3.1. Success

5.3.2. Failure Understanding of the Failure

5.4. Gameplay scheme

6. Strategies

6.1. How to use them

6.2. When to use them

6.3. New one

6.4. Old one

7. New in dota

7.1. What role should I choose?

7.1.1. Strength Tank Durable, Initiator,(Jungler)

7.1.2. Intelligence Support Squishy, Disabler, Nuker

7.1.3. Agility Carry Farmer, Heavy DMG dealer, Key element of success, (Jungler) Hard to master

7.2. Are you familiar you with A-RTS games?

7.2.1. YES Carry, Tank, Support

7.2.2. NO Support

8. Game time

8.1. Early game

8.1.1. 0-15 minutes

8.2. Mid game

8.2.1. 15-30 minutes

8.3. Late game

8.3.1. 30+ minutes

9. When not to play!

9.1. Choleric temperament

9.1.1. Significaly reduce your concentration CONCENTRATION = KEY ELEMENT

9.2. Bad mood

9.3. Drunk

9.4. Tired

9.5. Not enough time to finish the match!

9.5.1. You will just piss off the people and ruin the game, which may result into ban !

10. Picking a hero

10.1. Take a look what heroes your team picked or gonna pick

10.2. Avoid picking more than 2 Carries

10.3. Support is valuable pick

11. How to behave

11.1. Always try to be nice

11.1.1. Can influence person/team to be better.

11.2. Try to not flame

11.2.1. Flaming mostly results into MUTE/CHAT BAN

11.2.2. Flaming never helps to improve morale of the team

11.3. Avoid using mature language

11.3.1. As well as FLAMING never helps to improve morale of team, just decreasing it even more.

11.3.2. Can result into MUTE/CHAT BAN

11.4. Try to avoid intentionaly ruining the game


12. Matchmaking priority

12.1. Low priority

12.1.1. Banned players (exclude chat ban) YOU DON'T WANT TO END HERE

12.2. High priority