MONTREAL NLDP Book Review Mind-Map: Five Dysfunctions of a Team

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MONTREAL NLDP Book Review Mind-Map: Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Mind Map: MONTREAL NLDP Book Review Mind-Map:  Five Dysfunctions of a Team

1. Fear of conflict

1.1. Artificial harmony

1.2. Comfortable to engage in unfiltered conflict

1.2.1. Good conflict remains impersonal

1.2.2. Avoiding conflict because it might be hurtful actually increases tension and hurt

1.2.3. Will be evident in boring meetings

1.2.4. Leader must mine for conflict, model healthy conflict and demonstrate restraint

2. Absence of trust

2.1. Invulnerability. Not open about personal mistakes.

2.2. Trust each other

2.2.1. Specifically that their intention is good

2.2.2. Admit weakness

2.2.3. Taps into others experience and skills

2.2.4. Leader must demonstrate vulnerability.

3. Lack of comitment

3.1. Ambiguity

3.1.1. Constrained by uncertainty

3.2. Consensus is horrible

3.2.1. Decision paralysis

3.3. Committed to plans and actions

3.3.1. Great teams make clear and timely decisions and move forward with complete buy-in from every member of the team, even those who voted against the decision

3.3.2. Will avoid revisiting previous decisions

3.3.3. Leader must be comfortable with making decisions that might be wrong

4. Avoidance of accountability

4.1. Low standards. Failure to relate to others

4.2. Hold each other accountable to plans and action

4.2.1. Healthy peer pressure

4.2.2. Respect for each other

4.2.3. Timely execution

4.2.4. Leader creates culture of accountability(not only source of accountability)

5. Inattention to results

5.1. Status and ego

5.1.1. Beware: being on the team cis a corporate example of status

5.2. Focus is on collective goal

5.2.1. Avoids distractions

5.2.2. Inherent understandingfrom members about what is important

5.2.3. Passionate members

5.2.4. Leader is selfless and objective