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You!! by Mind Map: You!!
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1 - Homework (3 weeks prior to APM)

Confirmation of APM details

Income Questionnaire

Assets Questionnaire

Life Review Questionaire

3 - APM "Diagnosis"

Discuss changes since last APM

What's gone well?

What didn't go so well?

The unexpected!

Confirm your goals & objectives

Short-term (next 12 months)

Medium-term (next 5 years)

Long-term (rest of your life)

Present the "Truth" about your money

Confirm asset values, inflows, outflows & formulae used

Confirm assumptions are reasonable

Present the Lifetime Cash Flow forecast

Present back the "Bucket"

Outline possible financial prescriptions & remedies (if needed)

Confirm follow-up actions

Prescriptions understood & agreed to

Confirm rebalancing of portfolios

Confirm arrangements for next year's APM

2 - Lifetime Cash Flow updated

Asset values updated




Bank accounts

Value of home(s), business etc

Inflows to "Bucket"





Investment income

Pension income

Inheritances etc

Outflows from "Bucket"

Cost of living

Mortgages / other debts etc

Planning assumptions revisited


Investment returns?

Bank interest rates?

Property prices?

Annuity rates? etc

4 - APM follow up work

Please remember that, inbetween APMs, you must feel free to contact us to discuss ANY aspect of your life financial situation that YOU feel MAY have an impact on your ability to acheive your life goals & objectives.   Similarly if there are major life changes that occur to you or your family at any time (events that may well cause you to reconsider your life goals and objectives, for instance) then please let us know.

Send you PDF record of APM action points

Send you PDF of key outputs from Truth & "Diagnosis"

Details of asset values, inflows, outflows, formulae used etc

Lifetime Cash Flow forecast

The "Bucket"

Implement any financial prescriptions agreed during APM

Liaise with Transact / product providers

Where necessary, send Suitability Letters confirming advice given