Hercule Poirot

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Hercule Poirot by Mind Map: Hercule Poirot

1. Countess Andrenyi

1.1. real name is Helena. she is the daughter of Linda Armstrong.

2. Mary Debenham

2.1. nanny

2.1.1. saw the lady in the kimono

2.2. took care of Daisy

3. Colonel Arbuthnot

3.1. had a drink with MacQueen, left around 2 am

3.2. smokes a pipe

3.2.1. saw someone peek their head out a door

3.3. pipe cleaners were found in his luggage. they are the same brand found at the scene of the crime.

4. M. Bouc

5. Ratchett

5.1. Rich

5.1.1. Untrustworthy face

5.2. stabbed 10 to 12 times

5.2.1. may have been called Cassetti

5.3. had something to do with Daisy Armstrong

5.4. knew something would happen to him on the second or third night

6. Princess (Natalia)Dragomiroff

6.1. ugly

6.1.1. extremely rich

6.2. knew Armstrong family

6.3. the handkerchief found at the scene of the crime is hers

7. Ratchett death:

7.1. Either murdered by one or two people

7.2. Found at scene- a pipe, handkerchief and window open

7.3. wounds are either deep enough to kill while others only broke the surface

8. Hector MacQueen

8.1. worked for Ratchett

8.2. knew about letters that Ratchett was being threatened

8.3. did not know much about his boss

8.4. saw a bar across the handle

8.5. saw the conductor and a women going along the corridor

9. Caroline Hubbard

9.1. Talks about her daughter alot

9.2. thought there was a man in her cabin

9.3. found a button that is not hers. belongs to a worker on the train. thought to be the conductor that helped her last night.

9.3.1. found a switch blade in her bagggage

10. Dr. Constantine

10.1. Looked at body w/ Poirot

11. Pierre Michel

11.1. was asked questions about the case

11.2. conductor of the train

12. Antonio Foscarelli

12.1. nothing suspicious about him

12.2. Edward Henry Masterman

12.2.1. works for Ratchett

12.2.2. did not like his boss very well

12.3. was daisy chauffeur

13. Hildegarde Schmidt

13.1. Princesses maid

13.2. ran into one of the other conductors

13.3. found a train conductors clothes in her luggade

14. Greta Ohlsson

14.1. is a trained nurse

14.2. accidentally went into Ratchett's room

14.3. was Armstrong's nurse

15. Count Andrenyi

16. Cyrus Hardman

16.1. heś a detective

16.2. was hired by Ratchett to protect him

16.3. swore that nobody left or entered the train

17. Suspect Appearence

17.1. small man,dark,feminine voice

18. The Murderers

18.1. The killers were all the passengers that had something to do with the Armstrong case, whether they were nurses or chauffeurs