Murder On The Orient Express

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Murder On The Orient Express by Mind Map: Murder On The Orient Express

1. Hercule Poirot

1.1. Big Moustache

1.2. Famous detective

1.3. Speaks French

1.4. Is the murderer a small, dark, woman? Are there two murderers?

1.5. In his compartment is the red kimono, put there as 'defience'.

2. Colonel Arbuthnot

2.1. Ex-Colonel of India

2.2. Englishman.

2.3. Does not believe Mary to be the killer.

2.4. Smokes a pipe.

2.4.1. Pipe cleaner is the same as the one found in Ratchett's room

2.5. Believes law system to be more effective than private vengeance.

2.5.1. Turns out because of the whole 13 jury thing, so they wouldn't be arrested.

3. Mary Debenham

3.1. Young British, somewhat pretty.

3.2. Suspicious talk and manners.

3.3. Doesn't have the red kimono, but did see the back of whoever did-tall,slim,designs of dragons.

3.4. Was anxious about missing the train because of her friends' agitation, but strangely enough, not so much in the blizzard, after the murder.

3.5. She was the companion governess in the Armstrong household.

4. Caroline Hubbard

4.1. Monotone voice.

4.2. Says there is a man in her bedroom?

4.2.1. Thinks it's the murderer.

4.3. Talks about her daughter a lot.

4.4. She and her husband are staff of a prestigious school

4.5. Dislikes Ratchett.

4.6. Has a button-a wagon's lit attendant.

5. Samuel Edward Ratchett

5.1. Millionaire.

5.1.1. Suspected of double-crossing past associates. Begins getting threatening letters.

5.2. False name- his original name was Cassetti. Head of a gang involved in Armstrong kidnapping.

5.3. Dead; stabbed a dozen times. Did not use his weapon to defend himself. Drugged.

5.3.1. Death approx. at 1:25. Door locked from the inside, window blind open-possibly a red herring. Seems to be caused by two people-one left handed, two different times.

5.4. Gentle clothes and persona, but apparent cruel eyes.

5.5. Speaks no French, but spoke it. Is Macqueen the killer?

6. Mr. Bouc

6.1. Director of the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons Lit

6.2. Suspects the Italian as the murder- Cassetti is Italian name, Italians stab with knives, he kills him Ratchett for double-crossing him.

7. Cyrus Hardman

7.1. Loud-both in voice and in character.

7.2. Actually a detective.

7.3. Believes killer is small man, dark, womanly voice.

7.4. Hired by Ratchett to protect him, but failed.

8. Antonio Foscarelli

8.1. Italian stereotypical voice

8.2. Has business in Milan

8.3. Says a lot of information

8.4. Always suspected Ratchett of being more than he seemed.

8.5. Talks a lot of business stuff.

8.6. Very little condemning evidence.

8.7. Was the Armstrong Chauffeur.

9. Edward Masterman

9.1. Quiet and seemingly somewhat arrogant.

9.1.1. Doesn't like Americans- like Ratchett

9.2. Ratchett's valet

9.3. Likes reading

9.4. Couldn't sleep because of toothache

9.5. Was the Colonel's batman and valet.

10. MacQueen

10.1. Works for Ratchett, but dislikes him.

10.2. Isn't strongly suspected of the Murder

10.3. His father was the district attorney in the Armstrong Kidnapping fracaso

11. Greta Ohlsson

11.1. Accidentally walks into Ratchett reading a book

11.2. Age of forty-nine

11.3. Swedish, not much good English, and shy.

11.4. Was the nurse of the Armstrong household.

12. Princess Dragomiroff

12.1. Very ugly.

12.2. Very rich.

12.3. Was Sonia's Armstrong (Colonel Armstrong's wife) God-Mother.

12.3.1. There is a younger sister of Sonia Armstrong-whereabout unknown.

12.4. Upon realizing who Hercule is, she says "This is Destiny".

12.5. The handkerchief is her's. H in Russian alphabet is N.

13. Count Andrenyi

13.1. English dressed, in his 30's.

13.2. Strangely enough, opposes Hercule and the Countess meeting.

13.3. Smokes cigarettes and cigars.

14. Countess Elena Andrenyi

14.1. Pretty, in 20's.

14.2. Took a sleeping drought at night.

14.3. Is Elena actually Helena, making the H in the handkerchief possibly her's?

14.3.1. Is she the killer? Is it possible that Dragomiroff lied for her? Why?

15. Chef De Train

15.1. Thinks killer is a woman.

16. Dr. Constantine

16.1. Greek doctor.

16.2. 'Little dark man'

16.3. Is he the killer?

17. Pierre Michel

17.1. Wagon Lit conductor

17.2. French, worked for 15 years.

18. Hildegarde Schmidt

18.1. Summoned by P.R. nearly before the murder

18.1.1. In order to read aloud to her.

18.2. Has worked for P.R. for 15 years.

18.3. German

18.4. Dark-blue flannel dressing gown

18.5. Apparently, she believes the small, dark, feminine man is posing as a conductor.

18.6. Wagon Lit Conductor uniform found in her trunk.

18.6.1. But Poirot does not believe she is the killer. Uniform put there in order to hide the evidence.

19. Chronology of Death

19.1. 9:15-train leaves Belgrade

19.1.1. Circa 9:40-Valet leaves sleeping drought with Ratchett Circa 10:00-MacQueen leaves Ratchett Circa 10:40-Greta Ohlsson sees Ratchett (Last seen alive). N.B.-He was last seen reading a book.

20. The Weapon

20.1. Found in Mrs. Hubbard's bag, inside a sponge bag.

20.1.1. Coated in blood.

21. End Result

21.1. Everybody was involved in the murder somehow.

21.1.1. However, Poirot chooses, illegally, but perhaps morally or ethically right, to officially claim the first solution, whom it says the killer quickly climbed on board, murdered Ratchett, and then left as quickly as he colu, disposing evidence. False, but the one he chose in order so the accomplices and murders remained free after their personal distribution/vengeance.