Hercule Poirot solves it all

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Hercule Poirot solves it all by Mind Map: Hercule Poirot solves it all

1. Mary Debenham

1.1. British

1.2. young

1.3. returning to England from Baghdad

2. Arbuthnot

2.1. retired Colonel

2.2. Indian (English)

3. Ratchett

3.1. rich

3.2. thinks his life is in danger

3.3. Murican

4. M. Bouc

4.1. old friend of Poirot

4.2. works for train company

5. Mrs. Hubbard

5.1. Loud

5.2. talks about her daughter

5.3. Claims someone was in her room.

6. German Woman

7. Swedish Woman

8. Princess Dragomiroff

8.1. ugly

8.2. rich

9. Macqueen

9.1. dislikes boss

9.2. works for Ratchett

9.3. doesn't care boss is dead

10. Ratchett killed a little girl. Her mother later died.

11. Two murder's?

12. Count

13. Countess

14. Murder weapon is a dagger that is found in Mrs. Hubbard's bathtub.

14.1. Seems more and more like Mrs. Hubbard was the murderer.

15. Armstrong Murder

15.1. Little girl kidnapped. Huge sum of money was demanded. When she was returned she was dead. Her mother died giving birth to her second child and he father committed suicide. Mrs. Armstrong's mother was a famous actor named Linda Arden.