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Hercule Poirot by Mind Map: Hercule Poirot

1. Ratchett

1.1. Got murdered

1.2. Rich

1.2.1. Offers "big money"

1.3. seems like he's up to something

1.3.1. His real name is casseti Used to be in a gang

1.4. says he has "enemies''

1.5. Wanted to see the world but knew no other languages

1.6. Lost his temper easily

2. American Women

2.1. Has daughter

2.2. "Everyone knows her daughter"

2.3. Seems weird

2.4. Murder happened in her room (different)

2.4.1. she's pretty overdramatic

2.5. says there was a man in her room

2.5.1. A button was lft behind that looked like the cnductors the conductor didnt lose a button

3. MacQueen

3.1. Works for Ratchett

3.1.1. Secretary

3.2. May have valuable info

3.3. Was not phased by the death

4. M. Bouc

4.1. Works for the train company.

4.2. Jumps to conclusions

4.3. suggests someone latino commited the crime

5. Murderer (s)

5.1. left the window open

5.1.1. tried to make it look like they escaped but tricked the cops on how and where

5.2. might be a women

5.3. stabbed amateurishley

5.3.1. could be an italian. Their weapon is a knife and they stab multiple times

5.4. May have been drugged

5.5. could be multiple people

5.6. There was a letter that appeared to be written by more than one person

5.6.1. Multiple stab wounds

6. Wagon lit conductor

6.1. knows details of peoples whereabouts

6.2. is pretty helpful

6.3. discovered that ratchett was murdered

6.3.1. found the body

6.4. he has many connections to belongings and other items

7. M. Ratchett's Valet

7.1. seems to know alot

7.2. Edward Henry Masterman

7.3. Did usual duties

7.3.1. folded clothes, hung them up, put a dental plate in water

7.4. Inexpressive face

7.5. only smokes cigarretes

8. Swedish lady

8.1. Met with the american lady to retrieve some things (aspirin)

8.2. has a sister

8.3. likes things neat and orderly

8.3.1. likes events to happen in chronological order

9. Russian Princess

9.1. Shes ugly

9.2. Has a maid of 15 years

9.3. Is very poised

9.4. She asked Poirot his name and said it was destiny

10. Pierre Michel

10.1. Accused of the murder

10.2. Is pretty defensive\

11. count and countness

11.1. Count

11.1.1. good looking

11.1.2. Always smiles after questions really creepily

11.2. Countess

11.2.1. takes sleeping medicine

11.2.2. timid and charming

11.2.3. when signing the paper she signed quick

12. Colonel Arbuthnot

12.1. Uninterested

12.2. Admitted to smoking a pipe

12.3. is english

12.3.1. was questioned about Miss debenham

13. Mr.Hardman

13.1. American

13.2. big and flamoyant

13.3. works with a detective agency from new york

13.3.1. One of the best agencies in new york

13.4. received a letter from Ratchett

13.5. knew a bit of information