Murder On The Orient Express

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Murder On The Orient Express by Mind Map: Murder On The Orient Express

1. American

2. Ratchett killed the American lady's daughter

3. Princess Dragomiroff

3.1. Old

3.2. Rich

4. Macqueen

4.1. Ratchett's emplyee

4.2. Disliked his boss

4.3. Didn't care for him

5. German Woman

6. Swedish Lady

6.1. she accidentally opened up his compartment and saw Ratchett

7. Armstrong family

7.1. The daughter got killed

8. Pierre Michel the wagonlit conductor

8.1. he sits at night at the end of his corridor

8.2. has keys to all the rooms

8.3. saw the person with the kimono dragons on it

9. The Valet

9.1. tells that Ratchett takes a sleeping draught

9.2. knew that Ratchett had enemies

9.3. Ratchett would call for him in the moring

9.4. him and Italian shared a room

9.5. smokes cigaretts

10. Ratchett

10.1. Was murdered between 12 and 1 o'clock

10.2. Was in fear for his life

10.3. Knew he was in danger

10.4. American ganster

11. M.Bouc

11.1. Friend of Poirot

11.2. Works for railroad company

11.3. Told Poirot that Ratchett died

12. American Lady

12.1. Talks about her daughter

12.2. Impatient

12.3. murder was in her compartment

12.4. there was someone in her compartment

12.5. rang the bell several times

12.6. heard woman's voice next door

12.7. found a button in her room from a unifrorm

13. Poirot

13.1. detective

13.2. evidence of a pipe in Ratchetts room

13.3. evidence of a handkerchief with a H on it