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Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship
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Digital Citizenship

was i better today or yesterday BJ

because that is how u get better- Bridget Jaggar

I every step is a new step. Will people be greatful about your big step or will you just move on it is like getting a new job you always wanted but people don't like it or do not care.

I Wonder what my sentence is. EE

Keep Calm And Carry On. EE

I think that Antony should listen to this and follow this... If you do not have anything nice to say to someone don't say anything at all. EE

Harriet Ireland. Everyone in the class has to think about their digital footprint

H.I We have to think about our sentence and ask our selves about was I better today than yesterday?

If you start learning on a laptop, will it change the way you learn, compared to how you learn with paper and pencils and will this impact on our future? LK

i think i will Bj

What does this mean?? NB

I think It Will Impact LK

Yes, because more things in the future will be online rather than just pencil and paper

It'll improve your computer skills instead of handwriting and things like that. SP

Handwriting might become an acient art because every one would be using laptops do you think this might happen? K.M

Was I better today than yesterday? BW

I like that. EE

What's my sentence? Was I better today than yesterday? (PH)

I think that he don't know that he is bullying.


I think that it will definitely help you improve if you ask whether you were better than yesterday. SP

I need to think what my sentence is because it looks like it has to be a good one as it will navigate your life. SP

One small thing on the computer could change your life so we need to be carefull!! NB

What's my sentence?? Drive myself with that sentence SS

Brittany White

Use my sentance to navigate my life, I wonder what it is? BW

On the internet you can be seen as a bully when you are really not.

I see that this person thinks that if it is on the internet then it does not matter

New node

Anything is possible if you stay positive NB

Keep calm and carry on. EE

What you put on the internet can change your life. SP


you need to think to your self do I want to hemuliate or be happy and actully have friends Annabel

New skills in life - Annabel

be careful what you say

anything can be hurtful

I wonder why he does not think he is a bully he put somebody through something he would not want that done to himself.

anthony did not know he left a foot print on an internet site

people can link stuff in the past to there new time carrer

be carful what you say and what you put out to the puplic.

aware friends if you are taking pictures of them and you


What does this have to do with digital citizenship? MT

I think that it was bullying and he made a big digital footprint that he didn't realize he would actually make.

If we make a website, where people put their cyberbullying problems on it and we give them advice, will it make a difference? LK

I think there is a helpline but yeah an online one would be good km

Bridget Jaggar i dont think he understood that it was actually boiling because it is cyberboiling

Does having a sentance REALLY mater?

What you put on the internet can really hurt people so you need to be careful. SP

What's My Sentence?

One little sentence could change my life being good or bad NB

I see

I really Wonder What My Sentence is?

Grace Cocks-i see that i have to have a sentence about myself

What's my sentence?AT

Use your sentence to navigate your life G.C

Grace Cocks- I wonder what my sentence will be??

Mr Scurr

Will i be better tomorrow than i was today? GV

Was I better today thank i was yesterday? AT

What I better today then yesterday G.C


What is my digital footprint?? G.C

any one can look at what

Will I regret what I wrote on that website?? SS

Grace Cocks

Am i responsible on the internet G.C

Was i better today than yesterday G.C

What is my sentence??

New node

Notes What is my sentence? Was I better Today then yesterday? EHH

I want my sentence no to be smarmy simple but deep. Like Anne Frank “I want to life long after I’m dead”. And she has, she died at like 21 and people read her dairy all around the world every day. EHH The little annex has become a museum and millions come through every year. EHH