Knowledge Management

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Knowledge Management by Mind Map: Knowledge Management

1. Core Competence

1.1. Core of Strategic Management

1.1.1. Main goal: Organization MUST NOT fall asleep

1.2. Define core knowledge and a strategy for managing

1.2.1. Knowledge First, decide what the organization needs to know, then, move to designing how to develop organizational management

1.3. Are more sustainable, better than products and services

1.4. Environment gets more turbulent

2. Requieres a strategy of its own

3. Organizational Strategy is a prerequisite for solid knowledge management

4. Needs of its environment

5. Effective Communication

5.1. Knowledge Café

6. Evaluate and Imply Strategic Thinking

6.1. Always look at your strenghts and weakness

6.1.1. Collect Competitors data

7. How it serves in the overall Business Strategy?

7.1. First, organization needs to find capabilities for competitive advantage

7.1.1. Creating Knowledge and sharing technological break throughts

7.2. Provides more advantages

7.3. Creating Knowledge and sharing technological break throughts

8. Identify and Define the competitiveness of a company

8.1. What does the organization need to know in order to be able to develop more products better, faster and cheaply

9. Attainment of Strategic goals