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My interests by Mind Map: My interests

1. Sports

1.1. soccer

1.1.1. Played it my whole life.

1.1.2. Favorite sport

1.1.3. SoccerRUs Non-profit soccer organization

1.1.4. non-profit soccer

1.2. football

1.2.1. Played it last year maybe play it again.

1.3. volleyball

1.3.1. New to it this year playing with friends.

2. Video Games

2.1. Fifa 16

2.1.1. Favorite game

2.1.2. FIfa Chat Tournament Non-profit gaming tournament

2.2. Black ops 3

2.2.1. Play it sometimes not very good at it.

3. Family

3.1. Like playing games as a family.

3.1.1. Monopoly

3.2. I like to have family gatherings.

3.3. Family Get Togethers

3.3.1. Non-profit organization to get families to meet other families

4. Beach

4.1. I love going to the beach in the summer

4.2. I sometimes go on weekends.

4.3. This is my favorite place to be

4.4. Beach Volleyball Game Day

4.4.1. Non-profit organization where kids come to play volleyball and learn to play also.