My Interests

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My Interests by Mind Map: My Interests

1. Hiking

1.1. Beach Hiking

1.2. Hiking With Family

1.2.1. Form of exercise that can get my mind off of things

1.3. Mountain Hiking

2. Going to the beach

2.1. Create Memories

2.2. Have a fun time

2.3. Enjoy spending time outdoors

2.3.1. Being with my little cousins

3. Baking

3.1. Baking for my friends

3.2. Bonding with my mom

3.2.1. Keeping good relationships with my family members

3.3. Finding interesting recepies

4. Going to Disneyland

4.1. Being in a happy atmosphere

4.1.1. Maintaining my well-being

4.2. Going with my Church Small Group

4.3. Meeting new disney charaters