My Interests

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My Interests by Mind Map: My Interests

1. Art

1.1. drawing and painting

1.1.1. Business Idea: Art school for all ages where anyone could come and learn any type of art including crafting, drawing, painting, music, and more.

1.2. crafting

1.3. music

2. Social Work

2.1. giving and donating food and clothes

2.2. providing shelter for the homeless

2.2.1. Business Idea: A center where people can volunteer or work and help raise money to provide things for the homeless and people in poverty.

2.3. teaching children who can't afford an education at a proper school

3. Children

3.1. teaching and helping

3.2. allowing them to be creative

3.2.1. Business Idea: A center where children can come and get tutored or taught. They can also take classes for anything they would like including any type of art. Also there will be field trips to different places, so that they can have fun. The places are based on the vote of the children.

3.3. letting them to discover and learn new things about the world around them

4. Counselling

4.1. teenagers

4.1.1. Business Idea: A place where they can go talk about their feelings with anyone.

4.2. college students

4.3. children