L3: Energy resources

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L3: Energy resources by Mind Map: L3: Energy resources

1. VLE: Moodle gnomio

2. Introduction

3. warm up activities

3.1. fill in a quiz related to intro video: kahoot

3.1.1. quizz

3.2. showing different pictures with key names related to intro video

3.3. Making a crossword related to video key names

4. Main activities

4.1. different energy sources

4.1.1. View a video: Exploring energy (4min) classify pictures of power plants on renewables or no renewables generate a glossary Making a crossword related with video key names (in pairs) Fill in a quiz

4.1.2. View a video: Energy is not unlimited (min 7:40) classify pictures of goods on renewables or no renewables generate a glossary Making a crossword related with video key names (in pairs) Fill in a quiz

4.1.3. Using responsable energy to make a difference (min 14:50) classify sentences in true or false generate a glossary Fill in a quiz

4.1.4. Discussion/Debate Topic: advantages/dis of renewable energies groups of 5 2 teams 1 moderator 10 min per debate

4.1.5. Gamification Playing at Power up Spot the Hazard Electric journey Final task Building an energy plants system

5. Assessment

5.1. Glossary review

5.1.1. Teacher

5.1.2. Peer to peer

5.2. quizzes

5.2.1. self assessment

5.2.2. feedback and feedforward

5.3. Discussion/debate:

5.3.1. direct observation participation open new points of view reply summarize

5.3.2. Peer to peer

6. students learning outcomes

6.1. Content

6.1.1. Electricity production

6.1.2. energy saving rules

6.1.3. Hazards of electricity

6.2. culture

6.2.1. videorecording with saving energy advices

6.3. Communication

6.3.1. Nouns  Nouns: coal, gas, petroleum, water, hydroelectric, solar, geothermal, wind generators, turbine, transformers, photovoltaic, solar cells, appliance, switch, nuclear, caution, environmental, energy

6.3.2. Verbs  Verbs: generate, transmit, convert, obtain, save, flow

6.3.3. Adjectives  Adjectives: renewable, no renewable, conventional, responsible, primary, secondary

6.3.4. Structures  Structures: comparatives, present simple

6.3.5. Language for interaction  Language for interaction: Never, Always…., The electrical production

6.4. Cognition

6.4.1.  To know the advantages and disadvantages of different energy sources  To describe the processes of production and use of energy  To distinguish the hazards of electricity and know and apply safety rules

7. Want to know/Reinforcement/Extension

7.1. Reinforcement

7.1.1. o Decide if the sentences given are True or False. o Choose the correct answer.

7.2. Extension

7.2.1. a interactive lesson mindmap with mindmeinster

8. Materials/Resources

8.1. video

8.2. pdf

8.3. symbaloo

9. and that's all...thanks for listening to me!!!. Time of Kahoot