The indefinite article "A" and "AN"

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The indefinite article "A" and "AN" by Mind Map: The indefinite article              "A" and "AN"

1. The indefinite article "A" or "AN" is the same for all genders.

2. Example article "An": an actor, an actress, an aunt, an uncle.

3. Example article "A" : a chicken, a boy, a girl, a cat. a rooster.

4. We use "AN" if the following word starts whit a spoken.

4.1. And we use "A" when the word starts a spoken consonant.

5. The indefine article A and AN has no plural form.

6. Example: a girl, a boy, an uncle, an elephant.

7. The following word starts with a spoken consonant.

7.1. Example: a boy, a school.

8. The following word starts whit a spoken vowel

8.1. An eagle, an american.

9. Sentenses with A and AN.

9.1. I went to the zoo and I saw an American eagle,

9.2. When I get money I will go to buy a car.

10. There are some exepcions whith article "AN" when the consonat h is pronounced as a vowel

10.1. Example: an hour, an honest boy, an honorable sir.