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MFU by Mind Map: MFU

1. 1. First Call just me on the call

1.1. Send TY post card Maybe through SOC even if there isn

1.1.1. So when we talk, lets talk a little about your bottleneck. Watch short video before our call 1. Relationships 2. Traffic 3. Follow Up 4. Call to Action

1.2. Send TY text saying thanks for time, looking forward to our next call. Bottleneck

2. 2. Call with Kevin / Meet and Greet

2.1. Thank you card SOC again maybe handwritten with kenneth's company

2.1.1. Address a couple things we talked about on the call, good or bad share with them a couple strategies that would help them to grow and have more freedom

2.2. Send text thanking them for the call sharing some times that would work for operations call

2.2.1. Confirm opts call time and date by personal video email

3. 3. Ops Call

3.1. Send Break down of all programs we do by email

3.2. Send TY hand written letter saying how it was a pleasure to talk with them.

3.3. Send short video saying thanks for time on the call with our VP of operations or underwriting manager

3.4. Set up their own website with the steps the transition, the visit, all the stuff we have covered so far, all about them. Their pains, goals, dreams and desires. What they would be removing from their plate if they joined a branch, what they would be removing from their plate if they are a branch.

4. 4. Money Call

4.1. Talk Rates,

5. On the Website Personal Website

5.1. 1. Transition

5.1.1. 30-45 days

5.2. 2. Get with Vicki about branding

5.2.1. Whats included with SMP

5.3. First 90 days with Scott

5.4. Events coming up

6. Events

6.1. Friend everyone on Facebook

6.2. Connect with Everyone on Linkedin

6.3. Send Lottery ticket to every

6.3.1. Hey so looking forward to meeting you / seeing you. Thought I would send some luck in advance of the event, hope you win!! See you soon! Scotty

7. MMA, AMM, Freedom Members

7.1. Friend all of them on Facebook

7.2. Connect with all of them on Linkedin