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1776-1861 by Mind Map: 1776-1861

1. Andrew Jackson- forceful proponent of Indian removal.

1.1. 1830 - "Indian Removal Act"

1.1.1. he commanded the U.S. military forces that defeated a faction of the Creek nation

1.2. 1814 to 1824- Jackson negotiated nine out of eleven treaties which divested the southern tribes of their eastern lands in exchange for lands in the west.

1.2.1. Ultimately concluded in the Creeks, Cherokee, and Chicasaw instituted policies of restricting land sal es to the government Refusal resulted in this resulted in the Second Seminole War, and then those remaining in the third.

1.3. 1837

1.3.1. Jackson removed 46,000 Native American people from their land

2. Emancipation Proclamation

2.1. Abraham Lincoln announced January 1st the Emancipation proclamation

2.1.1. freed enslaved persons in the south

3. Manifest Destiny

3.1. widely held belief in the United States that the Americans settlers were destined to expect throughout the continent

3.1.1. High increase of birth rate due to immigration

3.1.2. suffered two economic depressions 1818 and in 1839

3.1.3. "self-rule."

4. The U.S.-Mexican War

4.1. the war was about territory, continental expansion, access to the ports of the Pacific, and access to and ownership of all of the wonderful minerals and riches that were in the subsoil.

4.1.1. - slavery and access to more cotton producing land that would increase the size of the slave population Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo - "treaty of peace" 1848 treaty of peace signed between US and Mexico treaty which ended the Mexican American war 1846-1848

4.1.2. - labor, acquiring or making wealth, about capitalist development

5. 1800- Jefferson

5.1. committed the federal government to promote future removal of the Creek and the Cherokee from Georgia

5.1.1. Indian removal was necessary for the opening of the vast American lands to agriculture, to commerce, to markets, to money, to the development of the modern capitalist economy Jackson became a national hero when in 1814 he fought the Battle of Horseshoe Bend against a thousand Creeks and killed eight hundred of them, with few casualties on his side.

6. 1811-"Red Sticks."

6.1. massacred 250 people at P'ort Mims, whereupon Jackson's troops burned down a Creek village, killing men, women, children. Jackson established the tactic of promising rewards in land and plunder

7. African Americans

7.1. Anti-Slavery Society

7.1.1. Jefferson to wrote the Declaration of Independence- regarding anti slavery although there were 50,000 African American slaves

7.2. 1781

7.2.1. Articles of Confederation