Assessment Part 2

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Assessment Part 2 by Mind Map: Assessment Part 2

1. Summative

1.1. End of unit assessments that aren't used for further learning

1.2. Tests

1.3. Evaluations

1.4. Presentations

2. Formative

2.1. Reading assessments (DRA)

2.2. Math pre-tests

2.3. Writing samples and essays

2.4. Observations

2.5. Rubrics

2.6. Reviews

2.7. Reports

2.8. MAP (Measures of Academic Progress

2.9. Any assessment used to form instruction or improve student learning

3. Do away with grades! Use continuums, rubrics, etc that teach kids the next steps to continue learning improvement

4. Allow students to redo assessments to improve learning (learn from mistakes)

5. New or enhanced learning from reading PYP assessment

5.1. Use of self, peer assessments and reflections

5.2. Criteria for success

5.3. Programme evaluation

5.4. Assess process as well as products of inquiry

5.5. Assessing, Recording, Reporting which is made aware to everyone

5.6. Record the types of assessments used to ensure variety in assessment used

5.7. Aunthentic and regular feedback

5.8. Love the idea of student led conferences. Although not new, I have not had the opportunity to do this

5.9. Teachers need to record the detail of inquiry initiated by the students

5.10. Are students able to be independent and work collaboratively with others

5.11. Everyone is part of the inquiry process with the process and products being shared to all

6. A snapshot into the student's current understandings