Potential Open Camp Sessions

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Potential Open Camp Sessions by Mind Map: Potential Open Camp Sessions

1. Case Studies

1.1. Organizations

1.1.1. NASA Open Source Tech Initiative Open Government Initiative

1.1.2. Departments - Credibility UNDP on Github open.undp.org UNICEF Innovation Venture fund for Open Source Technology Open Source Tech Product Catalog Scaling innovation: Sudan and Uganda Labs "Are open source business models viable?" UNHCR Github Repo Humanitarian Exchange Language Intro to UNHCR on Github Inter-agency Partnerships Inform Index World Bank "Opening up development through technology and open data" OCHA KoboToolbox AIDR: Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Response Verily TweetCred Micromappers Humanitarian Data Exchange on Github Humanitarian Exchange Language

1.1.3. Member States - Primary Target Estonia "Open Source Based" Learning from e-Estonia's Toolkit UK Government "Introduction to Open Source Software for Govt IT" "Made in Africa" on Github Trend of African open source incubators and accelerators "An overview of open source in East Asia"

1.2. SDGs

1.2.1. SDG + Open Source Tech Database

2. Workshops & Tutotials

2.1. Introduction to Cloud Computing

2.2. Recommend that we do outreach to learn about highest priority / most interesting tools and frameworks

2.2.1. .NET

2.2.2. Neo4j

2.2.3. Ruby

2.2.4. Perl

2.2.5. Python

2.2.6. Etc

2.3. Continuous Integration with CruiseControl

3. Hardware

3.1. Open Source Hardware Association

4. Key Organizations

4.1. Hardware

4.1.1. Open Source Hardware Association

5. Opinion / Editorial

5.1. Mark Charmer: "2015: The year the UN resets the count"

5.2. Why did Iceland's Pirate Party take 3 Parliamentary seats?

6. Related Issues

6.1. Policymaking & Open Data

6.1.1. "Joint Declaration on Open Government for the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development"

6.1.2. World Bank's Open Government Data Toolkit

6.1.3. Knight News Open Govt Challenge

6.1.4. "Open standards and open source in public procurement - from policy to implementation"

6.1.5. Loads more on this...

6.2. DevOps in Government

6.2.1. UK Govt DevOps

7. Best Practices

7.1. Technical Best Practices & Tools

7.1.1. Community & Communication "Communication Network Characteristics of Open Source Communities" Understanding the existing community (FLOSS Survey 2013) Gender inclusion "Contributing to an inclusive open-source community" Increasing women's participation in the open source community Jono Bacon: "The Art of Community"

7.1.2. Documentation Markdown Open Source Ecology Documentation Standards

7.1.3. Standards Security Cloud Security Alliance

7.1.4. Licensing Comparison of free and open source software licenses How to choose a license Heather Meeker: Compliance Basics & Best Practices UK Govt: "Open Standards & Licensing"

7.1.5. Governance & Policies "Government Open Source Policies" "An open source business model for government soft..." Open Source Governance Models

7.1.6. Tools & Process Deployment & Release Management Apache: "Guide to Release Management During Incubation" Building deployment pipelines with continuous delivery and continuous integration Github "Github 101 for government" Github & Government Community Best practices "Learn Git & Github without code" But what is Git? Code Architecture "The Architecture of Participation: Does Code Architecture Mitigate Free Riding in the Open Source Development Model?" "Open Source Architecture: An Exploration of Source Code and Access in Architectural Design" The rise of Microservices & Containers

7.2. Soft Skills

7.2.1. Starting and leading an open source project

7.2.2. Creative Commons book on Open Source Business Models

8. Lambert/Brent Thoughts

8.1. Speed dating session between technologists and member states.

8.1.1. Ex: Malawi + Drupal

8.2. Want to avoid concept of "open government"

8.2.1. Focus on open source, sharing resources, etc.

8.3. 80% of this conference will be self-organizing.

8.4. Target audience is MEMBER STATES.

8.4.1. Brent suggests different tracks to set expectations

8.4.2. Brent suggests a version of speed-dating, or knowledge sharing, b/w member states.

8.5. "Initially thinking needs to departments...."

8.5.1. But, now am thinking member states.

8.6. Knowledge