Coming to America

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Coming to America by Mind Map: Coming to America

1. Reasons for immigrating to the Americas

1.1. Land

1.1.1. Much of the land in Europe was owned and controlled by the nobles. Many of the people that came to the Americas were businessmen and non land owners looking for a way to change their status.

1.2. Gold

1.2.1. Gold was the main commodity other than land that was looked for by the Spanish. Europe gain vast amount of wealth that was found in the Americas.

1.3. Catholcism

1.3.1. Missionaries used the Catholicism as a means to get free labor from the natives living in the Americas. When Europeans realized that this was nearly impossible Europeans turned to African slaves to labor on European plantations.

2. Atrocities

2.1. Slavery

2.1.1. The Catholic church allowed slavery to become a business enterprise through Papal Bulls of at least two popes. Africans were considered better slaves than the Native American. This was because Africans had already been expose to Europeans for centuries and the strongest survived the Middle Passage. The Native American was able to run away due to their knowledge of the land and diseases killing them.

2.2. Stealing of land

2.2.1. Treaties were broken and most of the time land was just stolen from the Native Americans. Even our presidents were allowing it citizens to take land that belonged to the natives. Mexicans eventually felt the pain the natives were feeling when the US stretched out, to the Pacific.

2.3. Murders

2.3.1. Many Native Americans were killed by the US government, settlers, squatters, and other such whites. Even the natives that along side the US against other natives became targets. Men, women, and children were all killed at different times, over different pieces of land.

2.4. Rape

2.4.1. Women and young boys were raped by slave traders on the way to the Americas. Not to mention, the rapes that were committed by slave owners, who were never punished for their crimes, because these women and girls were merely property, to be used as the owner saw fit. Some females were used as breeders to give birth to a better slave, similar to what dog breeders do today. Native women were treated no better.

2.5. Fatherless children

2.5.1. The original "dead beat" fathers were the Spanish that would have sexual relations with a native, mestizo, or mulatto woman and not take care of the child resulting in that act. It took the Catholic church to say something about this to begin to change this.

3. Countries affected by European migration

3.1. What is now called Mexico

3.1.1. Hernand Cortez conquered the Aztecs through superior weaponry and killed the ruling emperor. Land was later taken from the natives and given over to the Spanish settlers.

3.2. Africa and its countries

3.2.1. Portuguese were the first to enslave Africans. Later most of Europe continued the practice.

3.3. Canary Islands

3.3.1. Some of the first sugar cane plantations were established by the Portuguese and labor was supplied with Africans..

3.4. Brazil

3.4.1. before African slaves were in North America, Brazil received their fair share. The intermingling of Europeans and slaves was more tolerable here.

3.5. What is now America and the Native American Nations

3.5.1. Originally, Europeans were only going to stay within a small areas within the Americas, but due to population grow and greed Europeans wanted more than the natives planned to give, according to their treaties. Eventually, Manifest Destiny and the ambition of politicians and businessmen treaties were broken, native lives ere lost, and the United States grew.

3.6. Europe as a whole

3.6.1. Europeans moved to the Americas for many reasons. Some for religious freedom, many for a chance to change their economic status, while others claimed to spread the Catholic faith. However, Europe benefited quite a bit from all the resources that were sent back.

4. Views of the Americas

4.1. Sepulveda

4.1.1. The natives are barbarians and are committing crimes against nature which allows us (Spanish) to eradicate them.

4.2. Las Casa

4.2.1. The natives do not know any better, but they can be converted and should be treated as brothers. Destinations

4.3. Columbus

4.3.1. This a niiave group of people that lack a government and have no sense of the value of gold.