Katja Mur en Hans Buller #Toekomstforum

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Katja Mur en Hans Buller #Toekomstforum by Mind Map: Katja Mur en Hans Buller #Toekomstforum

1. Q&A session

1.1. Hans Buller

1.1.1. Community hospital directors don't stay long there may be a bus driving around the country with former hospital directors

1.1.2. Academic hospital directors stay longer

1.1.3. example of a good leader president of Chile showed up 3 times even before the miners were rescued

1.1.4. Where is NL in relation to European countries The Dutch are doing well in the EU Dutch are in "cure" 0,5% cheaper than other Dutch countries

1.1.5. Shouldn't we measure the benefits of good care?

1.2. Katja Mur

1.2.1. Dutch Healthcare needs leaders with courage

1.2.2. Healthcare now cannot be the same care as in 20 years.

1.2.3. Examples making healthcare cheaper and better Parkinson Net IVF Outpatient clinic