Hercule Poirot solves it all

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Hercule Poirot solves it all by Mind Map: Hercule Poirot solves it all

1. dismissive of Poirot

2. Mary Debenham

2.1. British

2.2. Nanny

2.3. On her way back to England from Iraq

3. Col Arbuthnot

3.1. Like Mary Debenham

3.2. Retired Army

4. M. Bouc

4.1. Old friend of Poirot

4.2. works for train compnay

4.3. Speaks his mind too quickly, does not think through problems

4.4. Seems to think a woman or a Latin person woudl have done it (they are governed by passions)

4.4.1. Thinks it is the Italian because he is from Chicago. Italians use knives he thinks and Chicago has gangsters.

5. Princess Dragomiroff

5.1. Very Ugly

5.2. Old

5.3. Aristocratic

5.4. Was god-mother to Armstrong mother

6. Hubbard

6.1. Loud

6.2. Talks about her daughter all the time

6.3. Claims a man was in her compartment

6.4. Found a button of a wagon lit conductor

6.5. Her Swedish servant checked the lock and accidentally entered Rachett's room. He was rude to her.

7. Greta Ohlsson

7.1. Followed same time line as Hubbard.

7.2. Went to bed after taking aspirin around 2300

7.3. Last to see Ratchett when she enters his room on accident @2230

8. Ratchett

8.1. rich

8.2. has untrustworthy eyes

8.3. American

8.4. Tires to Hire Poirot, says he has enemies


10. Silk Handkerchief with an H on it

11. Matches that are from two different people, one is Ratchett, the other is the muderer

12. Drugged?

13. A woman and a man?

14. Some wounds seem to be after he was dead

15. Wounds from left and right hand

16. Dr. Constantine

16.1. Quick to judge anything

17. Pierre Michel: Wagon Lit Conductor

17.1. Worked for company for 15 years

17.2. Saw Ratchett got to bed after dinner

17.3. Ratchett summoned him after midnight but said he did not need him

17.4. until 1 AM he spoke to a friend about the weather in the Athens coach

17.5. Half hour later helps American Lady and brings Poirot water

17.5.1. A button of a conductor is found in her cabin

17.6. He kept the door to exit the train locked, no one could enter

18. MacQueen

18.1. Secretary for Ratchett

18.2. Felt Rachett was not his real name but did not know

18.3. Father was attorney for Armstrong case. Felt Mother was a good woman. Hated Cassetti. But did claims he did not know it was him.

18.4. Went out to station but it was too cold

18.5. Spoke with English people after dinner until 2 AM

18.6. Knew Ratchett was unliked and threatened

19. Edward Masterman (Valet to Ratchett)

19.1. last saw Ratchett at 9PM

19.2. Seemed happy to hear that his dead boss was the kidnapper (happy he was dead)

20. Count and Countess Andrenyi

21. Armstrong Case