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Aristotle by Mind Map: Aristotle
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Where the Perfect Forms Are

Inside of all things is their perfect form which the thing strives to reach.

All things are part of a teleological system.

Teleological System

Material Cause: What it's made out of.

Formal Cause: The shape or form that must be taken for a thing to be recognized.

Efficent Cause: The force used to make the thing.

Final Cause: The ultimate purpose of a thing.

Differences From Previous Philosophers

Pracitcal thinker; the philosopher of common sense.

Truth and reality IS what can be percieved by the senses.


Nature does nothing by chance. Everything that is has a purpose.

To answer the problem of knowledge we must apply our senses.

"All men desire to know. An example is the delight we take in our senses."

How Humans are Special

All life invariably has nutritive, reproductive, and locomotive power.

Animals have been given the powers of sensation and perception.