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Orient Express by Mind Map: Orient Express

1. Armstrong Household

2. Good Connections

2.1. Jobs

2.2. Marrage

2.3. Family

2.4. Good relationships

3. Hector William Macqueen

3.1. American

3.2. Says Ratchett got some threatening letters

4. Natalia Dragomiroff

4.1. Ugly

4.2. Russian Princess

4.3. Intellegent

4.4. Naturalized French Citizen

4.5. Godmother of Sonia Armstrong

5. Caroline Hubbard

5.1. American

5.2. Always talking about her daughter

5.3. Has "Vurry" important information for Poirot

6. Antonio Foscarelli

6.1. Italian

6.2. Has been to and from America

7. Valet

7.1. English

7.2. Drugged Ratchett?

8. Cyrus Hardman

8.1. American

8.2. American Detective

8.3. Works for McNeils's Detective Agency in New York

9. Hildegrade Schmidt

9.1. German

9.2. Works for Princess Dragomiroff as a maid

10. Count Andrenyi

10.1. Works for the Hungarian Embassey

10.2. Hungarian

11. Elena Andrenyi

11.1. Traveling with her husband

11.2. Hungarian Countess

11.3. Drinks sleeping draught at night

11.4. Has a grease spot on her passport

12. Daisy Armstrong

12.1. Child of Colonel Armstrong and Sonia Armstrong

12.2. Kidnapped and killed by Cassetti

13. Sonia Armstrong

13.1. God-daughter of Dragomiroff

13.2. Died in childbirth

14. Greta Ohlsson

14.1. Swedish

15. Shared a table together when the train first started traveling.

16. Map Legend

16.1. Important Stuff

16.2. Dead People

16.2.1. Only when there is a person's name

16.3. People

16.4. Clues

16.5. Information / Facts

16.6. Connections

16.7. End of evidence / clue trail

17. Bad Connectiions

17.1. Murder

17.2. Bad relationships

18. Clue Connections

18.1. Clues to the mystery

19. Connections through groups

19.1. This means that people are connected through something they did or are doing.

19.2. The other connections are a part of this group because they are connections.

20. Americans / Affiliations with America

21. Social Connections

21.1. Identity changes

22. A scrap of this paper had the words "member little Daisy Armstrong."

22.1. This paper probably was a threat to Ratchett, and had the words "remember little Daisy Armstrong."

23. The train had 14 passengers.

23.1. We know as a fact that 2 of the 14 passengers could not have done it.

23.1.1. Those 2 passengers are Poirot and Ratchett. That leaves 12 passengers. Ratchett was stabbed 12 times.

24. Mary Debenham

24.1. English

25. Colonel Arbuthnot

25.1. English

26. Samuel Edward Ratchett

26.1. Rich

26.2. Employer of Macqueen

26.3. Suspicious and untrustworthy to other people

26.4. As a gangster, his gang kidnapped and killed Daisy Armstrong

26.5. American

26.6. When he was a gangster, his gang kidnapped Daisy Armstrong and killed her.

27. M. Bouc

27.1. Thinks the Italian did it

27.1.1. "And from there on M. Bouc's thoughts went along a well-worn course which they had already traversed some hundred times."

28. Doctor Constantine

28.1. Greek

29. Suspect(s)

29.1. Suspect 1

29.2. Suspect 2

29.3. Used a match from the train to burn a paper

30. Dead Ratchett

30.1. Stabbed 12 times

30.1.1. At least 3 of the stabs were fatal. 2 of the fatal stabs were given when Ratchett was already dead. Someone came and stabbed Ratchett when he was dead.

30.1.2. 1 or 2 of the stabs were like scratches. They weren't fatal.

30.1.3. Some of the stabs were done right-handed, while other stabs were done left-handed. Two people were involved in the murder of Ratchett. One was right-handed. The other was left-handed. At least two people, anyways

30.2. Had sleeping draught at the night he was murdered

30.2.1. Drugged? By who?

30.3. Drugged

31. Hercule Poirot

32. Cassetti

33. Colonel Armstrong

33.1. Shot himself after his wife died in childbirth

34. Reason for killing Cassetti, A.K.A Ratchett

34.1. Revenge of the murder of Daisy Armstrong?

35. They have connections with the Armstrongs

36. Known suspect

36.1. Has womanish voice, but seems to be a man.

36.2. COULD BE made up.

36.3. Wore a Wagon Lit Uniform

37. People working to solve the crime

38. The facts about the murder:

38.1. Ratchett

38.1.1. Murdered Stabbed 12 times

38.1.2. Drugged The Valet says that Ratchett asked for some sleeping draught Ratchett had a revolver under his pillow, so he was intending to be alert that night He was heavily drugged by the sleeping draught. Poirot was awoken from his sleep when he heard Ratchett cried out loudly.