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Get What's Mine: "Formation" Changes the way we listen to Beyonce forever. by Mind Map: Get What's Mine: "Formation" Changes the way we listen to Beyonce forever.

1. What was the most evocative scene in this video in your opinion and why?

1.1. Little black boy dancing in front of police --- culture defeats militarism?

1.1.1. "Stop shooting us" graffiti

1.2. Sinking into the water on a police car - referencing Hurricane Katrina

1.3. Her goal: start a conversation

1.3.1. What does it mean to be a black female/child in the USA today?

1.4. Many layers to it that build up the message that Beyonce is sharing, MLK newspaper/Southern Aristocracy/

1.5. To the International Audience: does it matter? These problems (ie. racism) is a world matter as well, not just USA. Missed the references -- Points taken: 1. women getting into formation 2. feminism

1.5.1. Hurricane Katrina (2005) Category 5 Hurricane hit New Orleans, "Harlem of the South" -- Government aid took a long time to coordinate the efforts When the Levees Broke by Spike Lee in 2006 -- Comparison to NY during Hurricane Sandy Important to remember: the government learned from its mistakes after Katrina... false parallel or no? Third Civil Rights Movement in the USA

1.6. People issue not a race issue

1.7. Prezi:

2. Do you think that Beyonce's immense fame affects the impact of her message and how?

2.1. racialized vs. symbolic ethnicity

2.2. "Race isn't about how you look, its about how people assign meaning to the way you look."- Robin D. Kelley

2.3. Trayvon Martin -- summary

2.3.1. Formation video released on the anniversary of his birthday

2.3.2. Disclaimer: Since the world is listening. Police presence are doing both good and bad. Great police officers in the USA --

2.4. Do you lose your 'blackness' when you become famous?

2.4.1. Rap artists -- maintain and hold onto their blackness Black artists, despite wealth, because of the genre itself SNL video -- fame diminishes blackness ... joking on blackness and celebrity -- South Africa and Zimbabwe -- Freedom for all people -- taken the opposite turn, white residents are now targeted and 'oppressed' because of the power shift.

2.4.2. Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Friere -- the turn for oppressed to oppressor -- Born in Nigeria, grew up in England, not seen us a successful black man -- hes not black bc hes not ghetto --- can't generalize that all black people all together Nathan Katem? -- Ghanian Londener - orders a cheeseburger -- your black but not that your black black

2.5. Max Weber -- Wealth, Power and Prestige!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. "You can't explain oppression to those who have never been oppressed." In your opinion, does this video effectively communicate the extent of systematic oppression, at least in the United States?

3.1. White Prividge by Peggy Macintosh --

3.2. White Priviledge II by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

3.3. Americana -- recommendation

3.3.1. hair example about having "white hair'

3.4. Sephora -- shades of white

3.5. Race -- capitalism -- oppression --

3.6. Cultural Appropriation -- Kylie Jenner


3.6.2. double-standard in culture appropriation wealth - power - prestige Sami symbolism and being incorporated into maintstream culture -- Sami oppressed, sterilzation movments in Sweden . Colonizers strip cultural practices, then turn them into marketable items. World Systems Theory - Core Countries are capitalist consumers, Periphery like the Sami became an exportable item that core countries can benefit from them and appropriate. Bindi and Henna Tattoos -- look at how cultured -- double standard for white girls at music festivals and Indian upholding traditions Backwardness of traditional ideas and practices -- wearing a hijab, becoming a housewife -- negative because of globalization --