Al, the "Big, Bad Wolf"-defend

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Al, the "Big, Bad Wolf"-defend by Mind Map: Al, the "Big, Bad Wolf"-defend

1. It was an accident

1.1. All he wanted was a cup of sugar, meaning he did not intend to disturb the pigs originally

2. Was a victim of hate crime from the pigs

2.1. The pigs would either ignore him or tell him to go away and never come back-the wolf didn't do or say anything to deserve this

3. Had a bad cold

3.1. He could not control his sneezes, so he unintentionally blew their houses down

4. Cares about his grandmother

4.1. All he wanted was to make his grandmother a nice birthday cake, so he never gave up because of how much he loves her

4.2. He knocked continuously on the third pigs door to defend the awful thing the pig said about his grandmother-the wolf was only sticking up for his grandmother