AL "Big Bad Wolf"

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AL "Big Bad Wolf" by Mind Map: AL "Big Bad Wolf"

1. Could have went to the store to buy sugar

1.1. Instead of going to the pigs homes to ask for a cup of sugar Wolf could have just went to the store to buy a new bag of sugar. Even if he would have borrowed the sugar today, he would have eventually had to go buy more anyways so why did he not just go on and buy it that day? Plus he could have bought himself some medicine to get better!

2. Could have called 911 instead of eating the pigs

2.1. Anytime you see that someone has been murdered you should call 911 so that your name can be cleared whenever they find out and conduct an investigation. If Wolf had just called 911 whenever the first pig died then there would have only been 1 pig death and maybe Wolf would not be on trial right now.

3. Could have called the pigs to ask for sugar instead of going to their homes

3.1. In today's society everyone has a phone at all times. If Wolf did not have the pig's phone numbers he could have easily gotten on Facebook and sent the pigs a message to ask for sugar. That way he could have stayed home and not sneezed all over everything and everyone unless he knew for sure he was going to be able to borrow sugar from a certain pig.